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Who Owns Nectar Dispensary

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Who Owns Nectar Dispensary?

Nectar Dispensary is a well-known cannabis dispensary chain that operates in multiple locations across the United States. However, determining who exactly owns Nectar Dispensary can be a bit complex, as it involves several individuals and investment groups.

Nectar Holdings LLC is the parent company that owns Nectar Dispensary. It was founded in 2013 by Aaron Justis, a prominent figure in the cannabis industry. Justis, who has extensive experience in the medical marijuana field, serves as the CEO of Nectar Holdings. He played a crucial role in establishing Nectar Dispensary as a reputable brand in the cannabis market.

Aside from Aaron Justis, Nectar Holdings also has multiple partners and investors. These individuals and groups have contributed to the growth and success of Nectar Dispensary. However, the specific details of these partnerships and investments are not publicly disclosed.

Nectar Dispensary operates as a franchise model, allowing individuals to own and operate their own Nectar dispensaries under the Nectar brand. This model has facilitated the expansion of Nectar Dispensary across different states, including Oregon, Washington, and California.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Is Nectar Dispensary a publicly traded company?
No, Nectar Dispensary is not a publicly traded company. It is privately owned by Nectar Holdings LLC.

2. How many Nectar Dispensary locations are there?
As of now, Nectar Dispensary operates in multiple locations across Oregon, Washington, and California, but the exact number of stores may vary over time.

3. Can I open my own Nectar Dispensary?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary offers franchise opportunities, allowing individuals to open and operate their own Nectar dispensaries.

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4. How can I contact Nectar Dispensary’s corporate office?
To contact Nectar Dispensary’s corporate office, you can visit their official website and find the contact information there.

5. Does Nectar Dispensary offer delivery services?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary provides delivery services in some areas where it operates. However, availability may vary depending on your location.

6. Are there any discounts or loyalty programs available at Nectar Dispensary?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary offers various discounts and loyalty programs to its customers. You can inquire about these programs at your nearest Nectar Dispensary location.

7. Does Nectar Dispensary only sell cannabis products?
No, in addition to cannabis products, Nectar Dispensary also offers a range of accessories and CBD products.

8. Can I find Nectar Dispensary products online?
Yes, you can browse and purchase Nectar Dispensary products online through their official website.

9. Are Nectar Dispensary products tested for quality and safety?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary ensures that all their products undergo rigorous testing to meet quality and safety standards.

10. Does Nectar Dispensary accept credit cards?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary accepts credit card payments, along with other forms of payment such as cash and debit cards.

11. What are the age restrictions to purchase from Nectar Dispensary?
You must be at least 21 years old to purchase cannabis products from Nectar Dispensary, in compliance with state laws.

12. Can I use my medical marijuana card at Nectar Dispensary?
Yes, Nectar Dispensary accepts valid medical marijuana cards, allowing patients to purchase medical cannabis products.