World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

It’s 14°F and snowing here in the Mile High City. Perfect weather for curling up under the blankets with a nicely packed bowl and zooming out to see the bigger picture of cannabis culture and the legalization movement. Bundle up with us as we recap what’s going in this winter and look forward to spring and all the World Cannabis Week festivities to come in April.

Meet the Team

The 420 family is growing. Over the past few months, we’ve added some great new faces to the lineup. You can meet us by reading the obligatory “About Us” page, or you can jump straight to the juicy part where we tell you our favorite things to buy at Denver’s recreational dispensaries. We also had a sesh where we came up with our very best Denver vacation tips — straight from the mouths of only-slightly-high locals and natives.

Can you picture yourself on the My 420 Tours team? Great. We’re hiring everything from tour guides to freelance photographers and bloggers. Get in touch here.

Cannabis and Wellness

We’re thrilled to announce the smash-hit launch of our new Cannabis and Wellness Tour, which made it onto CBS News 4 Denver. Dr. Joe Cohen says it best: “I’m totally blown away, actually, by what cannabis can do to treat so many different things … Something that can treat, in a nontoxic way, so many different disorders, that help people get off the toxic medications. It’s pretty incredible.”

Not convinced? Take a tour at the crossroads of cannabis and wellness for yourself, using the limited-time discount code WELLNESS for 50%.

Denver, Inside and Out

With a record-breaking grand total of over 1.5 billion on cannabis last year, Colorado reigns supreme as the cannabis capital of the world. Even though TripAdvisor refuses to list us (that’s another story for another day), cannabis tours are still the #1 thing to do in Denver. Nobody knows Denver quite like us, so we’ve put together a few guides on popular pastimes for flatlanders visiting.

Check out our deep dive into the Denver speakeasy scene — including the smoky ones, if you pick up what we’re laying down — and our heady roundup of Denver brewery tours with a twist. Ever wonder what’s the story with Blucifer, the Denver airport demon horse? Just ask us. There are plenty of transplants moving to Denver these days, and we’re the friendly locals ready to hold their hands along the green brick road of legal weed, and also point them in the right direction for some nice urban exploration. All are welcome here.

Life Happens Better With Cannabis

If you’re in the cannabis trade or just a fan of the option to consume it legally, then you’ll probably agree that the little things in life are just a little better with some THC sprinkled on top. In that spirit, we’re here to fill you in on the miscellany of cannabis culture, such as the puff puff pass rule of smoke circle etiquette, as well as a hand-curated collection of weed memes that don’t suck. Know you’re not the only one wondering how to stop the munchies or asking the Internet what are the most fun things to do while high.

Cannabis-enhanced daily life is good, but it’s also great to live in a legalized state where we can celebrate life’s big milestones as well. No wonder so many people travel here to celebrate bachelor parties in smokin’ green style. We also get a fair share of honeymooners looking for the ultimate date night Denver experience. People break free from prohibition states and take a weed trip to Colorado in order to celebrate 21st birthday parties on up to 30th birthday parties, all the way up to — well, there really is no upper limit. Not long agoe we celebrated a big 6-5 on the party bus. Get on board.