World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017
The Mile High City is heating up. That rustling you hear? It’s the sound of hammocks and picnic blankets being shaken out for the summer. And that fragrance you smell? It’s Denver’s cannabis scene blazing peacefully in more ways than ever. And we’re just getting started.

The summer calendar is already filling up with festivals, BBQs, concerts at Red Rocks, pool parties, and mountain getaways. In sunny and legalized Colorado, the sky’s the limit on ways to sprinkle cannabis on top of an active, giggle-filled lifestyle. The future only gets brighter as the daylight hours get longer.

ICYMI, here’s a recap of what we’ve been exploring in cannabis culture in Denver, Colorado, the United States, and the world!

Turning 30?

Birthdays. We all have them. We all help celebrate them. Some are bigger and scarier than others. Turning 30 is one of the big ones. Kissing your twenty-something days goodbye doesn’t have to be a crisis, however. It’s a cause to celebrate grown-ass adulthood with a party that’s somewhere in between reckless twenty-something behavior and the chilled-out sophistication that comes with joining the 30+ club. Here’s a gif-riddled roundup of our favorite 30th birthday party ideas — specific to Denver but adaptable to any hip, fun metropolis.

420 Friendly Events in Denver

There’s always something weed-related going on in the Mile High City. But where to find a good list of upcoming events and occasions? Always on the lookout for all kinds of fun events, we’ve compiled a list of the six most comprehensive and 420-friendly Denver events calendars out there. On these calendars you’ll find our own events as tours, as well as listings from other great cannabis brands and organizations in the city. Attend one today as a gateway into the local cannabis community.

We’re Big In Japan

This past World Cannabis Week, we had the pleasure of hosting Naoki Akimoto, a live-streaming news anchorman from Japan. He took our Grow and Dispensary tour, attended the 420 Rally at Civic Center Park, and interviewed us about the changing landscape of weed and legalization here in the States. We learned so much about marijuana in Japan, which is apparently quite rare and illegal. Japanese travelers are invited to come to Denver, try a pot tour, and see the light!

Does Mom Smoke Weed?

We posed this question to the My 420 Tours staff for Mother’s Day, and the responses were beautiful. We compiled them into a collection of stories that range from funny to heartwarming to hopeful about our progenitors and their relationship to cannabis. One thing is clear — minds are changing among the baby boomer generation and cannabis is becoming more accepted — and some families are even opening up to experiencing cannabis together as adults.  Does your mom smoke weed? Tell us your own story.

Pioneering the “Colorado Pot Trail”

In another great press encounter, we were visited by Circa News to talk about Colorado’s burgeoning “pot trail” and the different obstacles that cannabis tourism companies have faced along the way. We taken on everything from getting fined to unclear governmental regulations, to pot’s inherent image problems. Despite it all, we still see cannabis tourism growing like a weed here in Colorado, with plenty of other states and even countries eager to follow our lead.

“This Is Your Brain On Drugs”, Revamped

Every young teen of the 90s remembers the classic PSA that featured a frying pan and an egg analogy about drug use. How could we forget? 20 years later, that same PSA has done a full 180. Rather than villainizing drug use, the new spot turns the tables on the drug war itself and its racially biased tendencies. If you haven’t seen the remake, take a minute to watch it now. Any questions?

Mind-blowing Weed Job Roundup

In other press news, My 420 Tours was included in a lineup of creative weed jobs that have popped up as legalization spreads. The video features our co-founders, who have created dream jobs for themselves and their staff in the whimsical business of sending travelers on the cannabis ride of their lives. No wonder so many aspiring professionals are knocking down doors to get in on the cannabis industry on the ground floor. Weed jobs are where the fun is!