World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

by Travis Crane

It’s getting cold out there, folks. As fall begins to evolve into a crisp, snow-filled winter, people are getting their ski gear together and preparing for their Colorado vacations for skiing at the resorts and possibly some cannabis travel sprinkled on top.  Opening day at the ski resorts is upon us and the bonfires are beginning to light up, but that’s not the only smoke that will fill the air this winter.

The cannabis industry continues to barrel down the path to becoming a $50 billion industry while new and innovative brands and activities bringing hot new trends to consumers. A lot has happened this fall in the industry, and we have been keeping track of all the awesome new events and activities cannabis lovers can participate in as the weather gets chilly.

Dive into our cannabis fall roundup to see what you could be missing out on as the cannabis industry gets bigger and better.

Muscle Up for Winter

Could combining weed and exercise help boost your workout? New gyms have sprouted up around Denver that feature cannabis as part of their workout regimen. Studies showing that cannabis can actually boost the runner’s high might be enough to get you on the treadmill after your next smoke sesh. If running isn’t for you try out cannabis yoga and more cannabis inspired fitness activities in Denver.

Take a Weed Trip

There are plenty of reasons that you should book a Colorado weed vacation, especially to experience the Denver cannabis culture. Cannabis tourists have touted a variety of occasions that can be made better with a cannabis trip, from honeymoons to bachelor/bachelorette occasions or just seeking some relief from the stress of everyday life. You can even take your significant other on a date night in Denver. With so many new technologies and cannabis products being created this year, you can find things to do while high and Denver event calendars to check out and get the full cannabis experience in the Mile High City.

Celebrate Life’s Milestones with Cannabis

Celebrating your 21st? Make it a lit birthday with our 21st birthday party ideas and activities to indulge in your big day. Maybe 21 is long gone, and 30 is right around the corner. Check out our 30th birthday party ideas for more mature and slightly more dignified activities that will still lead to a great birthday. Celebrating something a little more permanent than a change in age? Our Denver bachelor party essentials list is sure to have something for you to enjoy before you tie the knot and lock away your singlehood for good. Suffice to say, no matter the celebration, Denver has something for you to do!

Dabbling in Dabbing for the First Time

Dabs are one of the hottest products in the cannabis industry now with dispensaries offering hundreds of cannabis concentrate options for new and experienced consumers to try out. Don’t take dabbing lightly, however, as they are much more potent than regular cannabis flower. Our guide to taking your first dab will get you up to speed on everything new with concentrates and which option could be best for you. Also check out some of the best places to legally smoke weed in Denver so you don’t end up out in the cold. Plus, with new laws scheduled to allow licensed businesses to allow cannabis consumption in marijuana cafes and lounges their property, you’ll be able to find a nice cozy spot to dab out soon enough.

Beginner Guides to Edibles, Cannabis Storage, and Measurement

 If you’re just starting with cannabis, there is a lot of information you should know before you wander into a dispensary or go on your first full-fledged, weed-themed Denver vacation and send yourself into a paranoid conniption by taking too many edibles.

If you’re experimenting with edibles and asking, “How long do edibles take to kick in?”, we have the perfect guide to get you up to speed. There’s nothing worse than picking up your first batch of cannabis flowers from the dispensary only to forget to get a storage container to put it in! While the plastic container it comes in may be handy at first, smells will seep through eventually, and some people will even consider freezing marijuana to lengthen its shelf life. While this can be useful in very few occasions, there are plenty of simple and effective ways to store your cannabis without compromising its quality. Also, for those who want to walk into a dispensary like a seasoned pro and use quantity terms like “gram” “eighth” and “ounce” correctly, check out our guide to weed measurements.

Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis isn’t all about good time and relaxation. While Denver is seen as very progressive in terms of cannabis use and access, many other states have extremely strict medical systems or none at all. When traditional medicine doesn’t work, many have looked to cannabis to help with their ailments, whether its epilepsy, insomnia, or even cancer. My 420 Tours met Monica and Janie, a mother and daughter fighting cancer together. They came to Denver from a prohibition state to find out if cannabis could benefit them. Read their story and how cannabis became an essential weapon in the fight against cancer for this family.

A Year in Review

2017 has been a huge year for cannabis if you couldn’t tell already. Over half the country now has access to medicinal cannabis, while one in five Americans now live in a state where cannabis is legal for adult use. This has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of cannabis businesses and ancillary businesses opening their doors with brand new and innovative products.

We’ve seen new ways to consume, extract, isolate, grow and store cannabis while new flower strains, concentrates and edible products have been introduced for everyone from the first timer to the cannabis lover. And the industry is only going to get bigger.

As the year comes to a close in a couple months, we can all look forward to what 2018 may bring to the market. More states will hop on the legalization bandwagon as the industry grows and expands which will open the door to thousands of “ganjapreneurs” looking to make their mark on the cannabis industry. The cannabis culture is growing and the negative stigma that has been so heavily pressed since the prohibition era is getting put back where it belongs…in the history books.