World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

Music fans in Denver, mark your calendars. Rising star MC Super Duper Kyle is taking the mic on April 20 for an early show at Cervantes Ballroom Theater, one of Denver’s finest and most 420-friendly venues. He arrives just in time for the festivities of World Cannabis Week. The whole week of Thursday 4/20 is packed with a rally, a bazaar, and all sorts of live entertainment in the Mile High City, but luckily this show is in the early evening on 4/20 from 5 to 8pm. Fit it in between the daytime haziness and the late-night blur.

Venue: Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (2635 Welton St)
Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm / Show: 5:30 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)
Ticket price: $16 advance / $18 day of show


Kyle, also known as K.i.D, is billed as a rapper/MC, but his music bends genres and has a little something for everyone. His music aims to bring people together. “My potential as an artist is to blend all genres of music, which is something that’s just universal, that everyone on earth is going to appreciate,” he says.

Kyle at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is the perfect event for the not-quite-21+ crowd. The show admits ages 16+. On a day when all 420-related events will be meticulously checking IDs, this one will have a less adults-only feel to it and a more feel-good vibe.

Having reached stardom at the budding age of 21, Kyle’s lyrics reflect a youthful authenticity that’s rare in the rapper community. Bordering on family-friendly, Kyle rhymes about Playstations and crushes on Taylor Swift, and he tweets things like “Keep the money the bitches the weed … Just give me my Xbox.” He may have more in common with your college-age siblings than the headliner MCs he’s collaborating and touring with. Kyle’s more about keeping it real than the MC lifestyle. The “video game dude” persona seems to be working out for him. His funky beats and positive vibes have sent him viral on social media and have even sold out a few of his upcoming tours.

One thing you won’t hear at the show is cannabis anthems to get the crowd lit. So is Kyle into weed at all? Or was his timing of a Denver tour on the city’s holiest of holidays 4/20 a coincidence? We consulted our magic 8 ball. “Reply hazy” it said. He did post a photo of himself crowd surfing while stripped down to boxers and marijuana leaf-decorated socks. A few of his fans did not approve, so he was quick to comment that “I got them for free and forgot I was wearing them under my pants. had no choice lol.”

Whether or not Kyle partakes is unknown, but chances are high that the scent of weed at the show will be strong. Concertgoers at Cervantes in Denver on 4/20 wouldn’t have it any other way.