World Cannabis Week 2016 » April 15th - 21st, Denver CO

(303) 308-0420 3814 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205 Official Shuttle Stop of World Cannabis Week!

Buddy Boy has 7 locations in Denver with the finest quality of recreational and medical marijuana, concentrates and edibles. What exactly are you getting in those pre-packaged bags from other dispensaries? Buddy Boy Brands provides a personal shopping experience for its customers. You choose the flower you purchase – not someone bagging it in a backroom for you to purchase days later. Watch as your buds are hand chosen and weighed right in front of you providing you with accurate amounts and the largest buds we have to offer. If rolling up a joint or hitting a bong isn’t your preference edibles line our walls. From baked goods and candies to savory snacks and drinks we have your pallet covered. Or get the most bang for your buck with our line of wax and shatter concentrates. Whatever you are in the mood for or if you don’t quite know yet we would love to help you out.



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