World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

SOJA is performing 4/18 at Red Rocks Amphitheater as part of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Currently touring on their 2014 album Amid the Noise and Haste, SOJA is a Grammy nominated reggae group out of Arlington, Virginia that has made fans internationally with their positive energy and uplifting music. Touring with Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, and 311, they have now developed their own cult-like following that never miss a show.

Lead singer Jacob Hemphill’s mission is “to speak for people who don’t have microphones,” noting, “Our goal as a band is to stick up for the human race. We see the world and we try to make it better in the limited time we have here.”

That social consciousness rarely touches on cannabis use, however, even as the band plays for marijuana expos and gives interviews to pro-marijuana publications. Still, if collaborations with Collie Buddz and J Boog (also performing at Red Rocks) are any indication, the band clearly doesn’t mind a little ganja.

The Hit:
“Rest of My Life”
With over 40 million YouTube views, this 2008 video touches on friendship, growing up, and the losses you experience when the combination of both doesn’t quite work out.

The Deep Inhale:
The band offers commentary via Spotify on their latest album, a fun listen for any of the true SOJA heads out there.

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