World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

World Cannabis Week Testimonials

HIGH CLASS 420 TOUR!! WCW ROCKED! As California Medical Cannabis advocates we were honored to attend the 1st Legal US Cannabis Tour and 1st US High Times with My 420 Tours. Thanks to World Cannabis Week , we had the unique opportunity to travel to Denver, LEGALLY medicate and recreate with top-shelf cannabis, in a fun, carefree and safe environment. Providing us everything we needed and much more with no risks or hassles. They brought together an amazing group of similar-minded people, who experienced an incredible time together; having fun, making friendships, learning, sharing knowledge and stories. We will be visiting Denver again soon and are truly grateful to have met these 1st class professionals. We know they are here help you have the best experience by customizing your dream vacation as they did for us. KYM

The World Cannabis Week tour was pretty much a dream come true, where we were able to experience what a world with legalized cannabis will be like. As legality starts to become reality, I am proud to have been among the first in the country to experience this, meet lots of cool people, and have loads of fun, thanks to 420 Tours. Brian

Awesome event, WCW is a once and a lifetime experience! Staff was amazingly friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist. Definitely plan on coming next year! Michael

The guys at WCW did a great job welcoming us and providing all the tour goodies we needed:) Amazing experience! I would recommend it to anyone going to Colorado for a 420 experience:) MMC

I had an absolutely wonderful experience on my WCW tour weekend. The staff made my first trip to Colorado one that I’ll never forget in all my years. Everyone was really nice and extremely helpful and accommodating. I will make it a point to make all my future Colorado trips centered around my 420 tours. This is the single best way to experience 420 fun in Colorado!!! Tabby