World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

World Cannabis Week History

2013 was the beginning of full cannabis legalization in Colorado. What started as small yearly rallies on 4/20 at Civic Center Park and Boulder’s Norlin Quad, quickly grew into several hundred thousand visitors coming to Colorado to experience the epicenter of the cannabis movement year round. Until the creation of World Cannabis Week, there has been limited access to information about the massive range of 4/20 events. Business, education, and networking opportunities have been created by dozens of major cannabis groups on the busiest week of the year. In only the 3rd year of legalized recreational marijuana, World Cannabis Week has become the overwhelming leader of “4/20 Week” experiences across Denver. During this historic celebration, World Cannabis Week offers attendees to LIVE the cannabis industry from the inside out. WCW has been called the “SXSW of Cannabis”, the only hub that combines business, workshops, events, festivals and major sponsorship engagements in the world capital of cannabis. On top of the unique, curated experience, WCW is the first event of its kind to work with marijuana-friendly hotels and transportation services to ensure a worry (and paranoia) free experience. Check out all the amazing package options available between April 16th-20th, 2016

Mission Statement

The WCW Mission is providing a comprehensive one-stop resource for all information, services and purchase offerings by every major event, business, accommodation and transportation option available in Denver during this historic worldwide celebration of cannabis.

Who does World Cannabis Week Service?

Aligning with World Cannabis Week is a great way for cannabis friendly travelers, budding entrepreneurs, sophisticated cannabis lovers, industry professionals, and both young and older adults to experience a well rounded Colorado cannabis experience.