World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

Dos and Don’ts for Staying Safe and Legal

Denver is all abuzz in April. This year, we’ve got high wattage sunshine in the forecast and some of the most anticipated 4/20 celebrations in the world.

Thanks to Colorado’s first-of-its-kind recreational marijuana laws, the Mile High City earns its middle name among local enthusiasts and visiting tokers alike. On 4/20 — the unofficial weed holiday — Denver’s cannabis culture lights up in celebration.

As a 4/20 ground zero, the city’s task is to set an example for others opening their arms to recreational weed. Let’s get this right, Denver. Don’t be ‘that guy’ that gets events shut down and invites a Federal crackdown. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your 4/20 festivities safe, legal, and incident-free.

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Don’t: Hot box your car … and then drive it.

Flying and driving don’t mix. In Colorado, citations for drugged driving are based on observed impairment, or if drivers are tested with five or more nanograms of THC per milliliter in their blood. Don’t risk it. Penalties also apply for having open containers or evidence of consumption in your vehicle. And nobody likes event parking. Just leave the car at home.

Do: Get on the party bus.

Luckily, Denver’s got all sorts of other ways to get from A to B. Take the light rail. Walk. Unicycle. Segway. Uber/Lyft. Or keep an eye out for the party buses. Also, My 420 Tours will be running a non-stop schedule of tours where you board a 420-friendly party bus to get to grow facilities, dispensaries, breweries, and more.


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Don’t: Smoke openly in parks or streets.

Contrary to what your nose may suggest, it is illegal to consume marijuana in public places, both indoor and outdoor in Denver. Don’t be that dreadlocked guy with the lit joint at the park who is about to get tagged on Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters. He smells bad.

Do: Keep it private.

So where to smoke? The city has plenty of private parts. Homes and backyards are private. Party buses are private. When choosing your lodging, look for 420-friendly hotels and Airbnbs.

Don’t: Bake your own high-powered brownies.

Baking with cannabis for the first time this 4/20? Easy on the bud. Novice cooks tend to go overboard with THC content in their kitchen creation. Second rookie mistake: not waiting long enough for the effects and eating the whole pan of brownies. Couch lock from super-strong edibles is real, and it includes many shades of regret.

Do: Buy some edibles and enjoy the right dosage.

Decarboxylization. Calculating milligrams of THC per serving. How much is an average dose. How long edibles take to kick in. These are just a few crispy nuggets of wisdom you’ll learn when experimenting with the edibles found in Denver’s dispensaries during the 4/20 holiday.

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Don’t: Pee in public.

Foul but true. Downtown Denver has a public urination problem. Crowds of people flocking to the city center for the 4/20 rally and non-stop festivities doesn’t help the situation. Whatever stern signage, persnickety shopkeepers and locked doors you encounter, don’t resort to letting it flow behind a bush outside. It’s prohibited, and an “indecent exposure” ticket would totally harsh your mellow.

Do: Stall until you find a stall.

Denver is addressing its public restroom shortage downtown. Check out the mobile stalls that have launched as a new pilot project. Or, stick to private events in spaces with their own facilities. There will be plenty of facilities at the free World Cannabis Week event next door to 420 On The Block this year.

Don’t: Sell or trade bud.

Your homegrown strain is amazing, we know. But don’t let your gifting, sharing and bartering enter the legally hazy zone. Rampant trading of bud got people in trouble in the past at Denver’s Cannabis Cup — which wasn’t invited back this year.

Do: Take a tour of a marijuana grow operation.

Take your home grow skills to the next level by learning some tricks from a large-scale commercial grow operation. On a grow op tour, visitors hear from growmasters about what keeps their plants healthy and vibrant, emerging from the tour with thumbs even greener.

Don’t: Get high and stay home on the couch.

Home may be the easiest private place to smoke, but don’t surrender to couch lock and paranoia. Instead, feel the FOMO on all the parties, concerts, festivals, and 4/20 events going on — not just on Friday April 20th but throughout the entire week. Hang up on Domino’s pizza delivery and get out the door.

Do: Play for prizes at a weed-centric citywide scavenger hunt.

Nug toss. Ax throwing. Dunk tank. If these sound like ideas dreamed up by dispensaries and a 420 tour company, it’s because they are. Finalists of the infused 420 Challenge will compete for prizes like cash, swag, and tour gift certificates. Get your score card from any The GreenSolution dispensary and go for the gold.

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Originally posted on the My 420 Tours blog.