World Cannabis Week » April 19th - April 23rd, 2017

Experimental pop band Of Montreal is no stranger to Denver. The Georgia-based group makes it out to the Mile High City on the regular to visit their loyal fans in the West. This year, however, is special. Of Montreal’s Denver tour date falls on April 20th, a big day of cannabis festivities in Colorado. It’s the perfect pairing of psychedelic music and legalized psychoactive recreation in Denver’s high altitude and springtime sunshine. Tickets are on sale now, starting at $20.

Venue: Bluebird Theater
Date: Thursday, April 20 2017
Time: 8:00pm
Ticket Price: $20.00


Seeing Of Montreal on tour is not for the musically timid. For more than two decades, frontman Kevin Barnes has blazed across a number of bold new genres. Over the years, he’s reached back to 60’s-style psych-pop, lightened up somewhat with indie pop, plugged into dance electronica, then dabbled in funk, glam rock, and noise rock. He’s delved into progressive rock, and come full circle to psych-electronica. Prepare for nothing but total surprise.

Live performances by this genre-breaking band go way beyond music. Brace yourself for a full mind-art collision with outrageous props and costumes. Acts of eccentricity are the norm for Of Montreal on stage. You really never know what will happen. In 2015, Kevin Barnes had a NSFW moment when he played naked for at least half the set. It’s the kind of show where the fans get weird and the artists get even weirder.

Opening for Of Montreal in Denver will be Christina Schneider, whose high saccharine vocals match Barnes’s in their bucking of convention. No record of nudity on stage yet, but it’s impossible to tell what will happen when sharing a stage with Kevin Barnes and the Of Montreal crew.

Of Montreal Denver

The band will be playing at the Bluebird Theater, a mainstay in Denver’s live music scene. If you like to get to know a city through its most legendary concert venues, then a trip to the Bluebird is worth it no matter the show. It has housed over 100 years of entertainment history, opening in 1914 originally as a silent movie house. It earned a spot on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Head up to the balcony for a bluebird’s eye view of the stage and the standing-room-only crowd nodding and grooving to the sound.

Timing couldn’t be better. It’s almost too coincidental that a high profile psychedelic band is playing in Denver on such a big day for cannabis culture in the Mile High City. Did they plan for those stars to align? It’s anyone’s guess. While they haven’t mentioned partaking, we can only speculate that they will join the crowds in celebrating in the best place on earth to be for World Cannabis Week and the festivities on April 20th itself.

The My 420 Tours crew has two weed-related predictions for this show. The first is that Kevin Barnes will at least pay lip service to the local holiday and cannabis legality while on stage (as almost all musicians do in Denver, any day of the year, after a comment on the altitude), and the second is that the scent of weed will hang in the Bluebird’s air even more strongly than normal. Welcome to live music in Denver.